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Hier vind u informatie over bijvoorbeeld honden historie, bijzondere toepassingen van honden, honden cultuur, enz. in de vorm van gedetailieerde honden artikelen.

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[ 2015-11-20 ] :: Mike Hodgens PhD
Bull Arabs. The Bull Arab is 1/2 Bull Terrier 1/4 German Shorthair Pointer 1/4 Greyhound. There never was any Saluki. I did consider this when I created this breed but decided against it due to the strong tendancy of Salukis to kill sheep. The GSP was there to give endurance, silence and wind scenting versus trailing. Most of the photos shown here are good except the 1st one which is a dog owned by Ian Colley. This is probably a BT cross greyhound. The other white one with brindle patches was owned by Fortini and looks more like a Fox Terrier. I never was much impressed with that line. The other photos are of good specimens - the white/black and the speckled dogs look OK. There was no black in the original breed - it was dark brindle. If black got into the breed later it was from another breed. Black was not in any of the original dogs I used to produce this breed. Mike Hodgens PhD.

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