Zo kunt u contact opnemen met de Spartan Dogs crew

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Updated 2008-03-10. U kunt ons ontmoeten op http://bsl-sbt.hyves.nl

Heeft u vragen of opmerkingen? Of wilt u gewoon wat meer betrokken worden?

U kunt contact met ons opnemen en zelfs onze hyves vriend worden. E-mail is zichtbaar voor al onze hyves vrienden.

We zien u graag tegemoet.

  How to contact the Spartan Dogs crew

 Posted by: Webmaster

Updated 2008-03-10. You can meet us at http://bsl-sbt.hyves.nl

Do you have any questions or comments? Or do you just like to get a little more involved?

You can contact us and even become our hyves friend. E-mail is visible for all our hyves friends.

We'll be seeing you.

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[ 2018-09-23 ] :: Bryant I Cottman
I live in the USA and I\'m looking for a male Bully Kutta 302-220-8155 or email bryantc8@gmail
[ 2018-09-02 ] :: Kevlar
I’m looking for a chocolate female Patterdale terrier in the Netherlands or Belgium
[ 2018-06-02 ] :: Hank
Do you still breed?
[ 2018-05-08 ] :: Anna Nowak
Could someone recommend good bandog breeder in Netherlands?
[ 2017-10-27 ] :: Vladimir
Hi everyone! Could anybody recommend old southern white breeders in EU? Thank you.
[ 2017-08-04 ] :: Matt
Would like too know the prices for bully kutta *** or gull terr *** ..look forward too hearing from you
[ 2017-06-30 ] :: Yvan Maes
Dag, ik heb in mijn leven al verschillende hondenr***en gehad, oa 2 beaucerons en Duitse herder. Vorige maand is mijn beauceron op 14 jarige leeftijd gestorven. Ik ben stilaan op zoek naar een ander hond. Ik heb het liefst een pup in de lente, dan kan je hem beter socialiseren met mensen. Mijn hond wordt consequent maar toch vrij opgevoed. Ik heb een huis met 50a grond waar hij zijn vrijheid heeft. Ik heb veel ervaring met honden. Ik zie graag grote honden. Graag had ik info over Bully Kutta. Alvast bedankt, Yvan.
[ 2017-05-22 ] :: sofie berner
Bull Arabs in Europe? I have a *** I want to breed here in Europe. how can I find other bullarabs in Europe, any tips? thank you!!
[ 2017-01-02 ] :: Curtis
Wonder if u guys breed all black fur american hybrid bulldog puppies thanks
[ 2016-05-31 ] :: Charles
Where can I get bully kutta puppy in Canada or North America ?
[ 2016-01-14 ] :: Jani grootjans
Are there breeders for a panja mastiff in belgium or the netherlands?
[ 2015-08-24 ] :: cindy
where can I find a breeder for an American mastiff panja?
[ 2015-03-02 ] :: cole
Is it possible to get a hinks bull terrier
[ 2015-02-28 ] :: jim
[ 2015-02-27 ] :: Michelle Tippets
Please remove the picture of my dog. You are usinf w/out permission
[ 2015-02-04 ] :: katleen Martens
hallo, wij zijn Belgen en zouden graag willen weten waar we een south african bullterrier kunnen kopen. in Belgi? mvg Katleen en Bart
[ 2014-12-31 ] :: Brandi Painter
My father was Joe Painter. I raised many bulldog pups with my father and family.. My brother and I are glad to see a website that isn\'t riddled with lies about my father, who was without a doubt, instrumental in breeding the foundation dogs that have paved the way for Mr. Allen Scott\'s \"strain\" of the specimen. Brilliant Selective breeding for athleticism and sound conformation is the sole reason one type outperformed the other. Frankly without Joe Painter these dogs wouldn\'t be what they are today. Many rumors have surfaced over the years without any contradiction from our family. My father has recently p***ed. It sickens me to read all of the stories of my father supposedly inbreeding and cross breeding with pit bulls. At any rate this has been the most unbiased and honest sight I have seen so far.
[ 2014-11-14 ] :: Joseph John Taggart
Hi very interested in buying a good bully dog..how do I go about it.?
[ 2014-10-13 ] :: serge
hy i search adress of breedders of titan terrier and the real irish stafford terrier thant all
[ 2014-09-19 ] :: Leo Rizo
Hi, wondering where you guys are located. I am very interested in purchasing. Bully Kutta. I love those dogs! Can you let me know what I would need to do?