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[ 2018-04-18 ] :: Friend
Irresponsibility of people with animals causes almost all of the suffering of countless dogs and other animals. Overbreeding for profit, displacement of \"undesirables\", lack of getting many spayed amd neutered, etc. Causes millions of dependent domestic animals to be stray, or in kennels, costing society billions of dollars just to basically cover up the ugliness with animal control, kennels, and euthanasia. It\'s the worst for cats, but terrible for dogs too. Instead of trying to fix the problem at the root, they try to fix it when its too late, after the animals have been abandoned by their \"owner\". Without better morals, and more regulations, it will keep getting worse. Profit should be secondary, and an extra reward for being a good breeder, and to keep doing it. First priority should be the life quality of the animals. Charities in that field are amomg the most corrupt too, perpetuating the problem. These are man\'s best friend, not experimental slaves for huge profits.
[ 2018-04-18 ] :: Friend
Maybe 5+ years ago a stray, wandering Ambull showed up on our doorstep and became part of ths family. She requires a lot of attention, and she is mostly deaf, but her other senses are unbelievably sensitive. She senses the slightest vibration in the air or pressure changes. Like if a window is opened on the other side of the house, she knows exactly when and which one it was. Shes always on guard and sleeps half-awake. The guard dog and hunter attributes are very apparant, but she is also super friendly and just wants love. Judging from her and reading online, I dont think this breed should be kept outside or in a kennel/cage/isolated setting. Although I dont like that type of setting for any animal, really. Basic training was easy and mostly repetition and reward based. Although if starting training as an adult dog might be difficult in comparison to other breeds. Her personality and character are strong and distinguished. They should be treated as family & w/ responsible breeding.
[ 2014-11-03 ] :: Jody MacDonald
I have a female American Bulldog puppy! This is my first time with a bulldog I have had other large breed dogs in the past(Rotties,pittbull,bull mastiff,etc....) Just wanted to know if anyone has any suggestions on training methods? We are having a hard time getting her used to her kennel! She barks and cries whenever she goes in it even if we are in the same room as her! She\'s fine to go in the kennel as long as the door remains open! But as soon as we shut the door she starts crying and barking! If anyone has any suggestions at all I\'m open to hear them!!! Thanks :-)
[ 2012-11-12 ] :: Agustin Ruiz Johnson
I live in Almirante, Bocas del Toro, Panama i own a american bull going fot three months and will like to know all about my pet, tks for yr hrlp
[ 2012-10-20 ] :: sandra renazco
i have a female american bulldog , im in muskegon , mi i will like to breed my dog with one of the dog in the home pages
[ 2012-10-01 ] :: Filigree
Kelby, buying cheap is stupid. you get what you pay for. Good dogs do not go cheap. If you have financial limitations, your best bet is one of the bulldog rescue leagues. Because vet needs are taken care of, they are a bargain if you are careful
[ 2012-07-17 ] :: kelby
was wanting to know if there were any full blood american bulldog pups for sale real cheap