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Bull Arab / Bull Arab
Names Bull Arab, Arabian Bull, Australian Bull Arab, Australian Pig Dog, Bull Arabterrier, Aussie Boar Hunting Dog, Bull Arab Pointer, Bull Arab Dog, Bullarab Pig Dog
Origins Australia
Tasks Hunting Dog, Guard Dog
Height 63-69 cm / 61-66 cm
Weight 32-42 kg / 32-40 kg
Lifespan 12-15 years
Registry ABAR Inc (Australian Bull Arabische griffie Inc)
Group Bull and Terriers, Terriers, Sighthounds

The Bull Arab is an Australian dog breed that is bred primarily as a "bay dog" for wild boar hunting. They are generally a loyal dog, with a great temperament. They were bred with the need to create a dog with enough size to stop large boars but with enough speed and stamina to outlast many of the other heavier mastiffs.

The Bull Arab History

The Bull Arab was developed in the mid 1970's. Different breeds were crossed together to strive for the ultimate pig dog. The cross used in the Bull Arab was chosen for its temperament and trainability.

Mike Hodgens was the guy who bred Bull Arabs initially. They were a cross that consisted of English Bull Terrier, Greyhound and English Pointer or Shorthaired Pointer. There are also the breed supporters who falsely believe the Greyhound was initially, Saluki hence the name Arab.

The Bull Arab is a cross between a Bull Terrier, Greyhound, and Pointer. The original breed was 1/2 English Bull Terrier + 1/4 Greyhound + 1/4 German Shorthair Pointer.

The cross needed to be reliable lugger and have speed and finding ability. That indicated for Mike Hodgens just 3 breeds: Bull Terrier - Greyhound - and a HOUND with wind-scenting ability that might also contribute good controllability: the latter choice came down to the German Shorthair Pointer or the English Pointer, the German Shorthair Pointer was selected because it had been used to trail big game and was less timid then the English Pointer.

Since then about 1/8 Bloodhound has been introduced by Peter Paulsen with good results for most purposes: increase tracking ability, stamina and toughen up pads on feet. Sometimes this variation is referred to as Peter Paulsen Bull Arabs (often misspelled as Paulson).

Mike Hodgens believes that the addition of 1/8 or less of Bloodhound has been beneficial to the Bull Arab breed. At this time owners and breeders will have 2 options to choose from - with or without some Bloodhound depending on the work. It's no different to buying a racehorse and choosing stayer or sprinter breeding. The Bull Arab is all about performance so the fact that buyers will have a choice and breeders will be better able to match a dog sold to a buyer to the buyer's needs is a win win situation.

The Bull Arab is best known for its ability to hunt feral pigs of Australia and showing its increasing value as a member of the family. This type of dog has been in Australia for many years but as yet have not been recognised as a Pure Breed, however, they are well known amongst the hunting fraternity and although they are not the only type of dog used for hunting, they have proven their ability for the task.

Bull Arab Appearance

Body: as a tough, active dog, he needs to have the endurance and speed to be able to hunt and find but still the strength to control a Wild Boar. The dog presents a balanced image between power and speed. Everything about the dog should be moderate and balanced, it is not a dog of extremes. Scars resulting from wounds received while working are considered honourable and are not to be penalized. Symmetrical and well built all over, general outline a series of graceful curves. The strong, muscular neck is of moderate length. Free from loose skin and throatiness, it is slightly arched. The hindquarters are muscular, with the thigh muscles well developed, strait when viewed from behind, well angled when viewed from the side. The feet are oval, close knit, arched toes. The tail is set low, thick at the base and tapers to a point. Its length is in proportion to the body.

Head: the head is of a moderate length and breadth in proportion to foreface. Eyes are bright, colour is in accordance with coat colour. The head and muzzle are strong and powerful. A full complement of strong, white teeth meet in a level bite. Teeth broken or incisors lost, while working are not to be penalized. the ears are of a moderate size, and are full drop ears.

Height at Withers: the height at the withers for males is 63 centimeters (25 inches) to about 69 centimeters (27 inches). Bitches are usually around 61 centimeters (24 inches) high to about 66 centimeters (26 inches). These are a guide only, balance in a dog is considered more important than falling within guidelines.

Weight: dogs weigh 32 up to 42 kilos (70-93 pounds) and bitches 30 up to 40 kilos (66-88 pounds), in balance with their size. These are ideal weights, heavier dogs are often found.

Coat: The coat must be smooth and short. A soft textured undercoat may be present in cold weather. No feathering on tail or legs or double coat to be apparent.

Colors: Acceptable colours include: Black, Red, Liver (with a red nose), Buckskin, Blue, Silver, Tan, and Brindle. Most dogs are predominantly white with patches of these colours. Many dogs have ticking on their white patches. Unacceptable colours: Harlequin, Merle, Black and Tan.

Disqualifications: Unilateral or Bilateral Cryptorchid. Viciousness or extreme shyness. Albinism. Incorrect colour, incorrect coat.

Bull Arab Temperament

Character: the Bull Arab dog is a kind, even tempered, likes to do tasks independently, and has a busy character. Can be stubborn and overly confident.

Social Build: Good with children (sometimes high prey drive needs to be addressed) and humans. Normally good with other dogs, can sometimes have some dog aggression. High prey drive: wants to attack game and lifestock.

Bull Arab Socially

Care: they shed averagely and are easy to groom, because the coat hairs are short and harsh. Comb and brush with a firm bristle brush. Bathe only when really necessary.

Education: the Bull Arab has a very confident attitude, this can prove quite a challenge when training your dog. The best results come when you train them in a patient and confident way. An experienced handler is prefered, as well as a stern and serious approach. This breed is known for growing bored and even annoyed with repetitive exercises and tasks. Establishing dominance, trust, and respect at a young age and setting rules and patterns that can be maintained when they grow bigger, faster and stronger is key to successfully training the Bull Arab.

Activity: these dogs are very energetic and active. They require a good daily exercise and room to run and play. If you wish to purchase this breed but lack the space or time to dedicate to the dog, be advised not to. A Bull Arab not receiving the proper amount of exercise and space will be bored and often this will result in destroying property, chewing, barking, whining, and ignoring basic training such as housebreaking.

Usability: when hunting it is primairily used for feral pigs or boars. The Bull Arab is also used as guard dog, those dogs are usually heavier and have Mastiff blood in them.

Bull Arab Quotes / Trivia

The Arab in the breed's name comes from a Dobermann Pinscher once owned by Mike Hodgens

Test your knowledge on the Bull Arab. Take the test, find the Bull Arab!

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[ 2016-09-03 ] :: kathryn andersom
i got an 18mth old male from the pound hes already 36kg lovely temp eager to learn best dog ive ever had only flaw is i had to neuter him to keep him w***ver lost him struck out he quick on the take so i\'m going to find someone to finish his hunt training any one reading this in northern nsw who trains pls contact me
[ 2016-04-20 ] :: Keep
My BA is 48kg. Im guessing hes one of the bigger ones. Not fat either, runs 10km per day. Fabulous dog
[ 2014-03-20 ] :: John
Where does it say 25kg? And no most male ba aren\'t 50kg.
[ 2012-02-12 ] :: Tone
25 kgs? That pup at the bottom probably weighs 25 kgs. My 7 month old bull arab weighs about 35 kgs and he\'s a very lean type of arab, has thrown to the sighthound. Most mature male bull arabs are about 50 kgs. Also what\'s all the stuff about disqualifications and \"acceptable\" colours? Disqualified from what? the back of a ute? This is not a show dog.

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