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Bullygullterr / Kanda
Names Bullygullterr, Bully Gull Terr, Gull Dang, Kanda
Origins Pakistan
Tasks Guard Dog, Fighting Dog
Height 63-81 cm
Weight 40-60 kg
Lifespan 10-12 years
Registry (crossbreed)
Group Bull and Terriers, Molossers

The Bullygullterr is a crossbreed between the Bully Kutta and the Gull Terr as it is populair in Pakistan, and is sometimes referred to as the Gull Dang or the Kanda. It is a medium sized, short coated and muscular guard dog of the Molosser type.

The Bullygullterr History

The crossbreed Bullygullterr or Kanda was cross bred out of the Bully Kutta (click here for more infomation) and the Gull Terr (click here for more infomation).

The ratio is predominantly 75 % Gull Terr and 25 % Bully Kutta.

Kanda as this crossbreed is described more recently, is populair because this compact dog is easier to keep than the Bully Kutta.

Bullygullterr Appearance

Body: the limbs are well muscled and solid boned. They are deep chested, the back is long with the tail tapering to a fine point.

Head: has more stop than the Gull Terr.

Height at Withers: 63 centimeters (25 inches) to 81 centimeters (32 inches). Bigger than a Gull Terr and smaller than a Bully Kutta.

Weight: around 40 to 60 kilograms, in balance with their size.

Coat: the Bullygullterr has a short smooth coat.

Colors: usually white with colored patches.

Bullygullterr Temperament


Social Build:

Bullygullterr Socially





Bullygullterr Quotes / Trivia

Test your knowledge on the Bullygullterr. Take the test, find the Kanda!

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