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Bully Kutta / Bully Kutta
Names Bully Kutta, Indian Mastiff, Indian Alangu Mastiff, Alangu Mastiff, Sindh Mastiff, South Asian Mastiff, Bully Cutha, Pakistani Bully Dog, BullyKutta, Tulla Bully, Bongay Bully, Desi Bully
Origins India
Tasks Guard Dog, Fighting Dog
Height 76-107 cm / 76-91 cm
Weight 70-90 kg / 68-80 kg
Lifespan 8-10 years
Registry UNKC
Group Molossers, Mastiffs

The Bully Kutta is a rare dog breed from Southern India, from the Thanjavur and Tiruchi districts and is sometimes referred to as the Bully Cutha, South Asian Mastiff, Pakistani Bully Dog, or the Pakistani Mastiff. It is a large, short coated and muscular guard dog of the Molosser type.

"Bully" in its name actually comes from the Hindi word bohli; meaning heavily wrinkled. "Kutta" means dog.

The Bully Kutta History

The Persian Army used Indian mastiffs, but just for guarding and they were introduced into Greece by Xerxes the First when he marched towards this country in 486-465 B.C..

The Indian Mastiff or Bully Kutta originated in and around the desert area of Kutch (and as such is one of the Kutch dog breeds), the Rajasthan area and Bhawalpur area of Punjab. A part of the Kutch area in Rajasthan was under the Sindh District and so an other name of this breed is Sindh Mastiff. Alongside the Kumaon Mastiff, the Indian Mastiff were used for hunting large game. A sudden change in the hunting practises saw the Indian Royal families to use cheetahs for hunting instead. This changed the Indian Mastiff's job to that of guard dogs and dogs used for fighting instead. With time most people forgot the breeds and the Indian Mastiff became rare.

The entire Indian continent being a princely state was divided into many kingdoms and each had their own preferences. So the Bully Kutta survived in being different forms and shape as per the zonal preferences.

Bully Kuttas were further developed from the local Indian Mastiffs during the British Colonial rule in India and were used primarly for sporting purposes.

The British used English Bull Terrier(Gull Terr) blood to add to the Bully Kutta, other crossings of several other British breeds such as English Mastiffs, Pointers and several types of British hunting dogs were tried but with various success due to the warm climate, the local dogs were more capable.

Bully Kutta dogs are typically found today in areas belonging to Pakistan. Nowadays the majority of the Bully Kutta dogs in Pakistan are pets, used as guard dogs or used illegally for dog fighting. The people who used them to fight, used dogs a couple of centimeters (few inches) smaller than average for performance sake. In Pakistani, due to its reputation people are accustomed to call all Mastiff breeds used for fighting "Bully Kutta", because of this the Bully Kutta is sometimes mistaken with dogs like the Gull Terr and the more recent crossbreed Bullygullterr / Gull Dang / Kanda.

Reputable Bully Kutta breeders and other good breeders of these dogs will be cautious on who they sell one of their puppies to.

Bully Kutta Appearance

Body: the brisket is deep, and the limbs are well muscled and thick boned. The back is long with the tail tapering to a fine point. It has a long and graceful stride.

Head: the skin around their neck and mouth is loose. The ears are set high on the skull and are pricked where allowed.

Height at Withers: the males are 76 tot 107 centimeters (30 to 42 inches) tall and females are between 76 and 91 centimeters (30 and 36 inches) tall.

Weight: dogs weigh 70 up to 90 kilos and bitches 68 up to 80 kilos. They usually weigh between 70 to 80 kg (150 to 170 pounds), but the larger males can reach upwards of 90 kg (200 pounds).

Coat: the Bully Kutta has a short smooth coat.

Colors: usually predominantly white in color, however fawn, black and harlequin colors are also found. The muzzle is black.

Bully Kutta Temperament

Character: Bully Kutta's in general have a very laid back temprament. Most tend to sleep all day. As pups and young adults they can be boistrous but calm down cosiderebly as they get older. Assured of their own prowess they have an almost regal attitude towards other breeds. A Bully Kutta will rarely pick a fight with another breed and they routinely walk away from lesser dogs, even when challenged, but caution is needed here because they will not easily walk away from a real challenge. A Bully Kutta needs a strong leader as an owner, if that condition is met what ever a Bully Kutta does, it does for its owner. It will lay its life down protecting you or your property. It will fight to the end with anything that threatens your well being.

Social Build: these dogs are known to be both dog and man aggressive and protective of their owners, having a strong guarding instinct due to the nature of their work. With proper socialization from an early stage, they can become good companion dogs.

Bully Kutta Socially

Care: the short coat requires little maintenance. Occasionally brushing the coat will help the coat remain in a good condition. The dead hairs can be easily removed by hand or still easier with a massage glove.

Education: Bully Kutta's are not easy to train simply because they require a strong minded owner, that sets fair rules in the beginning and maintains them. A heavy hand will only damage the bond between owner and dog and will backfire on his performance and obedience. Once the owner has achieved a role as pack leader the Bully Kutta is pretty obedient and becomes much easier to train. Make sure you set rules at an early age, that wills till work when the dog is big and strong as an adult. Bully Kutta's are eager to please a true leader.

Activity: the breed has a medium to high need for exercise. If you have a large garden that is well fenced, it can for a large part take care of his activity needs. However it's best if they have a real task where they can really get to work. Bully Kutta's are known for their supple tiger-like movement. If they have a good exercise every now and then they are more calm and are much easier to be kept inside.

Usability: Bully Kutta's are not recommended for first time dog owners, or timid dog owners. With their size and great strength, it is best that the owner is experienced in the type of consistent training that these dogs need. They are determined guard dogs and if is well bonded with the owner it will engage without fear to protect him and his property.

Bully Kutta Quotes / Trivia

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[ 2018-06-04 ] :: Brandyn
Looking for a male kutta. Please email me with any infotmation. Thank you.
[ 2018-02-17 ] :: Robert
How much are the dogs?
[ 2017-08-07 ] :: Tony
I\'ve had Dobermans, malinois, and pitbull mastiff breeds for years. Now I want something bigger and stronger to protect my family and land. Someone please contact me I live in Kentucky
[ 2017-06-25 ] :: terry
looking to purchase a bully kutta for a house pet he would also be a great defider I would like to purchase a bully kutta for a pet and family protector 8152723690 Joliet il.
[ 2017-01-29 ] :: Robin
Experienced dog owner,having owned the \"Fila\" dog breed for years.I\'m looking for a good Bully Kutta breeder who breeds true to type,meaning authentic Bully Kuttas.I had a contact in Pakistan but due to us both moving have lost contact info and he does not advertise very often unfortunately. Bully Kutta breeders please send an email to malphas43@gmail PLEASE serious emails only NOT interested in spam or junk mail or anyone who isn\'t serious. Thank you so very much
[ 2016-11-16 ] :: TheLegend
107 cm....LMFAO yeah okay. Talk about extreme exaggerations.
[ 2016-09-07 ] :: souranshu
I am from India & want to have a Bully Kutta, can someone plz be of help. My Mail Id is enclosed below, do mail me the details. It will be kept as a family pet, we already have a GSD & a Rotty. sou........arty@gmail
[ 2016-07-24 ] :: Zain
Hey if you need any puppies of bully kuta text me on 9178312442 for pictures, New York
[ 2016-05-25 ] :: Bruce
This breed should only be handled with ppl that are going to give it a good life! In the wrong hands this dog could kill someone or something plz breeders don\'t ship these wonderful dogs with out checking who\'s going to be buying your dogs.
[ 2015-09-20 ] :: Dalton
Use to have one but he died:( last year from old age finally ready for a new one want a male if possible call 4254429127 lots of room looking for a real people who care about there puppies
[ 2015-09-16 ] :: navaz
Hey Eric .. Please contact me @ navazmohammed28@gmail
[ 2015-05-07 ] :: Eric Cathings
I\'m looking for a puppy. want one really really bad if anyone out there has one or no of anyone that has them please email me or contact me at 651-242-9181
[ 2015-04-13 ] :: henry olatise
been a breeder for a while now, kept pitbulls and lots of other breeds , thinking of owning a bully kutta, want to know how much a good male will cost and shipping fee idea
[ 2015-04-02 ] :: mariahgg
im looking to buy 2 baby puppies one female an one male we have a huge 40 acre farm that needs some friends we have a family so they will be family pets we live in washington i want to know how much for male an female an shipping cost please email me @seagal12seattlehawks@gmail thank you
[ 2015-04-01 ] :: geraldharris
how much is a bully kutta ans shiping to chicago yall can it a hold of me by a phone call or a email number is 312 952 4843 email gharris679@gmail
[ 2015-02-13 ] :: Hammad S.
Call us if you are looking for a Bully Kutta at 281 876 7933. We are located at Houston, Texas .
[ 2014-12-21 ] :: Sravanth
Please let me know of any Bully Kutta breeders in India.
[ 2014-07-20 ] :: kel
[ 2014-07-05 ] :: Albert
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[ 2014-06-28 ] :: bill
hi my name is bill i am looking to get a purebred bully kutta as a gaurd do for my shop i have a lot of land for the dog to exercise. my sister sugjested to me to get one of these dogs being my 2 rottys i own are gettin older now and arent the same young pups they use to be, i live in washington state if anyone has info on where i can purchase one plz email me at mrslippyfist54@gmail let me know what is needed for me to purchase a pup i have my own trainer thank you bill

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