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Chinese Chong Qing dog / Chong Qing
Names Chinese Chong Qing dog, ChongQing, Eastern Sichuan Province Hunting Dog
Origins China
Tasks Hunting Dog, Scent Hound, Guard Dog
Height 40-50 cm / 35-40 cm
Weight 20-25 kg / 15-20 kg
Lifespan 14-18 years
Group Bull and Terriers, Molossers

Rare and very old breed, thought to have been in existence since the Han dynasty. In China, this dog is also known as Eastern Sichuan Province Hunting Dog is named after the region they originated from, Chongqing, China. The Chongqing is a strong and sturdy dog with a brave character and terrier-like characteristics. Although the breed evolved almost entirely through natural selection with little human intervention, its current breed status is still precarious.

The breed's appearance can be described as appearing a cross between Chinese Shar Pei, Staffordshire Bull Terrier or American Pit Bull Terrier and (the Old type) Boston Terrier.

The Chinese Chong Qing dog History

Sculptures bearing a strong resemblance to the Chinese Chongqing dog came from a tomb of Han dynasty. It was made about 1,700 years ago, and it was discovered in Chongqing in 1987.

Some native archeologists after studying archeological findings estimated the breed's history to go back about 2000 years. This conclusion was reached by numerous experts after considering not only history but also geography of Chongqing.

After the establishment of the People's Republic of China(1949), the dog population of China was essentially eliminated. Few dogs were seen in the cities, the number of the Chongqing dogs were very few, only some farmers and hunters in remote villages were able to keep these dogs, these people kept their Chongqing dogs for the sole purpose of working them. During this period, it is quite fortunate that this breed even survived.

Until now, most of the Chongqing dogs are still in Chongqing, they are even unknown in the other area of China.

The Chinese Chongqing dog is quite different from many western breeds, it is known that many western breeds are "man-made", but the Chinese Chongqing dog is a "natural" breed. They were bred for centuries with little regard for conformation, but solely for their working capabilities, and in the old days, geographical isolation make the breed remained pure without the interference from the outside.

Chinese Chong Qing dog Appearance

Body: a compact dog of medium size and substance, nearly square in profile, strongly built, muscular, and powerful. The Chongqing dog is unique in his coat, tail, and appearance of the head. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder but this dog does ooze activeness, alertness, fearlessness and loyalness. Length of head, neck, and legs to be in proportion to length and depth of body. He should not be too massive or racy (streamline/flowing lines) in outline. In comparing specimens of different sex, due allowance must be made in favor of the bitches who may not have as much head or substance as do the males. There is an impression of femininity in bitches as compared to an impression of masculinity in dogs.

Head: strong, moderately large in proportion to the size of the dog. Deep through, flat and broad skull, pronounced cheek muscles, distinct stop. Should have sufficient play of skin to form wrinkles between the eyes beginning at the base of the muzzle and extending up the forehead. Ears are set high, small in proportion to the head, thin, triangular in shape, open toward the front, and strongly erect. Faults: Not strongly erect, hanging, broken down, cropped. Nearly square in profile. Jaws well defined. Underjaw to be strong and have biting power. Lips should be tight. Mouth and tongue should have spots or patches of bluish-black on the surface of the tongue, a solid bluish-black mouth is ideal. Teeth should be healthy, strong, and regular, scissors bite or moderately undershot jaw, but the teeth should be invisible when the mouth is closed. Faults: Too pointed a bite, too undershot, teeth showing when mouth closed. The eyes are moderate in size, neither sunken nor bulging. The nose is broad and black, the tip of the nose should lie slightly higher than the root of the muzzle.

Height at Withers: the height at the withers for males is 40 centimeters (16 inches) to about 50 centimeters (19.5 inches). Bitches are usually around 35 centimeters (14 inches) high to about 40 centimeters (16 inches).

Weight: dogs weigh 20 up to 25 kilos (44-54 pounds ) and bitches 15 up to 20 kilos (33-44 pounds), in balance with their size.

Coat: the Chinese Chongqing dog's coat is thin and short. Faults: Skin too deep and heavily wrinkled.

Colors: the coat has a deep brown or mahogany color. The eyes are dark brown and the rims are black.

Chinese Chong Qing dog Temperament

Character: the Chongqing Dog is noble, alert, intelligent, dignified, fearless, powerful and muscular. They are natural guard dogs with high drive but are not suitable for competitive or police bite work. If their owner is not with them and a stranger approaches, the Chongqing Dog will heighten watchfulness and make their presence known. If their owner is present, and they see the stranger is friendly, they will drop their guard even if their owners leave. They are independent and can be a little stand-offish with strangers at first but are extremely devoted to their family.

Social Build: calm, confident, dignified, direct, courageous, alert, intelligent. The Chinese Chongqing dog is somewhat aloof with strangers, but is affectionate with his family, trustworthy with children. The Chongqing may be dog aggressive, therefore early socialization is recommended.

Chinese Chong Qing dog Socially

Care: they require little care except proper education. The Chinese Chongqing dog's coat is short and requires minimal routine brushing to keep it healthy and in good condition. Bathe only when necessary.

Education: the Chinese Chongqing dog makes a loyal and wonderful companion, but requires time and training. If you do not have time to properly train your Chongqing dog you should consider a different breed. Since the Chongqing Dog is a naturally developed breed and not "man bred", their natural instincts are extremely keen and require a dominant owner that isn't heavy handed. They do best with an owner who is calm, but firm, confident and consistent with the rules. The Chinese Chongqing dog is a natural hunter and should never be allowed to roam without supervision. But after introducing, they can get along with your other pets very well. They are good with respectful children, but can be aloof with dogs they are not familiar with. Proper leadership and canine to human communication may possible help resolve this. Socialize this working breed well as a puppy with other dogs and non-canine pets.

Activity: they really love and need regular exercise.

Usability: the Chinese Chongqing dog is adaptable to country or city living if they are sufficiently exercised. This is a dog of medium size, they do not need a large space, they will do okay in an apartment, but they do need regular exercise. The origin of this breed is Chongqing, located in the southwestern region of the China. The Chongqing dogs are used for hunting (scent hound) and protection of the home, they are good working dogs and family companions.

Chinese Chong Qing dog Quotes / Trivia

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