Ontmoet de Spartan Dogs Meet the Spartan Dogs

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Dit zijn de Spartan Dogs (Spartaanse Honden). Maak uw keuze tussen de hieronder genoemde honden.

Molossers zijn typisch grote gespierde honden, met zware botten, hangende oren, een relatief kort en goed gespierde nek, en een korte snuit.

Bulldog rassen zijn over het algemeen middelgrote gespierde, moedig, onstuimig en angstloos. Ze hebben typisch zware botten, hangende oren, een relatief korte en goed gespierde nek, en een korte snuit.

Terriers zijn meestal klein, dapper en stoer met een levendige, energieke en bijna hyperactieve persoonlijkheid.

Ze zijn misschien niet voor degenen met een zwak hart. Maar wij houden van ze.

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These are the Spartan Dogs. Make your pick between the Dogs listed below.

Molossers typically are large muscular dogs that have heavy bones, pendant ears, a relatively short and well-muscled neck, and a short muzzle.

Bulldog breeds are generally medium sized muscular, bold, inquisitive and fearless. Typically they have heavy bones, pendant ears, a relatively short and well-muscled neck, and a short muzzle.

Terriers are usually small, brave and tough with a lively, energetic, and almost hyperactive personality.

They might not be for the faint of heart. But we love them.

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[ 2015-11-12 ] :: Zoran S
Serbian Defence Dog, Sarplaninac, Kangal...???
[ 2015-02-18 ] :: Oguzhan
Where is the Kangal and Akbash from Turkey and Broholmer from Denmark.
[ 2014-07-04 ] ::
Why is the boston terrier included? It\'s a fashion breed with no working heritage or capabilities.
[ 2014-05-26 ] :: BAUDIN
Pas ***ez de race spectaculaire (anciennes ou nouvelles)ou en cours de dévelopement avec bien sur leur réalité
[ 2014-02-06 ] :: ulrik
Nice site, although I miss the Kangal from Turkey and the Broholmer from my country Denmark.
[ 2013-05-20 ] :: Mariano
You should include the Rhodesian Ridgeback from South Africa. Incredible hunting and guard dogs. Also they do have bully blood in them.
[ 2012-09-25 ] :: Carlos
Nice info. Korea jindo are not in your list. Good hunting and still used as figthing dog
[ 2012-04-07 ] :: poldi
Pretty complete list of Mastiff breeds. Some more extinct breeds would be nice though.
[ 2012-04-05 ] :: soute
Sint bernard, never knew these dogs had a working history. Nice.
[ 2012-04-05 ] :: berry
Most of these breeds are great dogs and those less athletic are noted as so on this site. Job well done!
[ 2012-01-27 ] :: Israel Juarez
Cant compete with the true american pit bull terrior. NO questions asked.
[ 2011-11-30 ] :: Santakarl
You should include the Danish Broholmer an old and rare breed. Though not a fighting dog it\'s a true mastiff type dog originally used as a guard dog. As guard dog it is in every aspect comparable with, and similar, to the Boerboel. A very strong, brave and loyal dog, intilligent and easy to train and not overly agressive!
[ 2011-09-28 ] :: Aleksandar1423
I think you should add Serbian Defence Dog Here,because that is working breed,and is better of a lot breeds here.
[ 2011-07-14 ] :: Spartan Dogs
Dear Andrea, Try searching for that name Mastino Napoletano in our site, it\'s there. We have your favorite breed listed under Neapolitan Mastiff. ;) Greets, Spartan Dogs
[ 2011-07-10 ] :: andrea
Hi all, i think that you are missing the top spartan dog!!!!!!! the dog is called mastino napoletano, fantastic dog from Italy