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Gull Terr / Gul Dong
Names Gull Terr, Gul Dong, Bull Terr, Indian Gull Terrier
Origins Pakistan
Tasks Guard Dog, Fighting Dog
Height 46-64 cm / 43-61 cm
Weight 20-36 kg / 18-33 kg
Lifespan 11-13 years
Registry UNKC
Group Terriers, Bull and Terriers, Molossers

The Gull Terr (or Gul Dong) is a medium sized, short coated, muscular dog that was developed in Pakistan. A medium sized and skilled Bull and Terrier type watch and guard dog.

The Gull Terr History

With the British Raj the Brittish brought the original English Bull Terrier with them and from this the Gull Terr was bred.

After some of the Gull Terr blood was used in the breeding program of the Bully Kutta. In turn the some blood of the new(current) form of the Bully Kutta was used in the Gull Terr to improve its performance in the warm climate.

They were used in many sporting events, Gull Terrs were also populair for Dog fighting and bear baiting. At home they were used as an effective relatively compact sized guarding dog.

The Gull Terr of today looks remarkably simliar to how the English Bull Terrier of the 19th and early 20th century looked, this is understandable because with the Gull Terr the focus remained on athletic capabilities.

The Pakistani Gull Terr should not be confused with the Bullygullterr / Gull Dang / Kanda, this is a separate but associated breed; a cross between a Bully Kutta and a Gull Terr.

Gull Terr Appearance

Body: the body of the Indian Gull Terrier is full and round, while the shoulders are robust and muscular and the tail is carried horizontally.

Head: Gull Terrs almost have a lack of stop between the forehead and the muzzle. They can have erect, semi erect or drop ears.

Height at Withers: the minimum height at the withers for males is 46 centimeters (18 inches) to about 64 centimeters (25 inches). Bitches must be at least 43 centimeters (17 inches) high to about 61 centimeters (24 inches).

Weight: the weight of males is between 20 and 36 kg and for bitches, this is 18 to 33 kg depending on their size.

Coat: a Gull Terr's coat is smooth.

Colors: usually uniform white in colour, coloured dogs do exist but are rare. Some Gull Terrs have a red nose.

Gull Terr Temperament


Social Build: when raised properly, Gull Terrs make exellent companions. If Gull Terrs are left to their own devices, they become very stubborn and destructive.

Gull Terr Socially

Care: Gull Terrs are physically very capable dogs, with tremendous stamina. Though deafness and mange are common problems.




Gull Terr Quotes / Trivia

Test your knowledge on the Gull Terr. Take the test, find the Gul Dong!

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[ 2016-04-30 ] :: Jortega
How can I contact u if I am interested in buying a gull terr?
[ 2014-01-24 ] :: ahmed
i breed gull terr anyone interested contact me
[ 2013-06-03 ] :: Hammad Syed
We can locate any Gullterr/Bull terrier or Bully Kutta pups or adults and can ship to most parts of the world. We are located in Houston, Texas... call us at 281-876-7933.
[ 2013-01-26 ] :: big mike
Cannot find these for sale anywhere!!! Anyone know any good breeder websites?

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