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[ 2014-09-30 ] :: JT
Have some patties from j&j and really like them.owned a few before and were decent,but got some from jj that got that fire and have been hardhhunting.hoping to get some of they gouldie bloodd or off that little black death stud,seen someof hhis pups that are sweet.patts the only way to go if you want a hunter
[ 2014-09-03 ] :: Mia
zou je mijn andere emailadres in de vorige comment weg willen halen. blijkt dat iedereen mijn emailadres kan zien en ik zit niet te wachten op spam. beveiliging op dat vlak kan beter...
[ 2014-09-03 ] :: Mia
Hi, thanks for the information. We have decided to take a pet in the house. And a gilrfriend of mine has a puppy. So with your information, we are going to some more homework and contact some \'fokkers\' overhere, and when we are ready for it, lets hope there is a puppy who wants to choose us as his/her new caretaker. Thanks! Greetings from the Netherlands
[ 2013-05-02 ] :: calicatchers
Kolo you should probably go back and read my site before you make a statement you know nothing about(such as where my pics came from).I took them all and was there, other than when \"Haas\" was in Georgia,as I say on my site.,
[ 2011-10-25 ] :: BSL crew
Information about the images shows when you cursor it. As such the bottum pic of patterdale vs swine, has a connotation of calicatchers when you put your cursor over it. If any other pictures are from calicatchers we will happily add that to the image description. Also you do have nice dogs calicathers.
[ 2011-06-22 ] :: dan
I must admit that it is wrong to take photos without permission. Regardless if the man took them the same way you did, it does not justify the theft of the photos, or the photos you took without his permission..
[ 2011-05-10 ] :: calicatchers
Maybe you should go back and read my site again. Every dog on my site is either bred by me, owned by me or very close friends of mine and I state that on my site. You took pics from my site withoout asking and you dont know anything about the pics or my personal dogs(I dont even know who you are), the info is obviously very good. I dont want to argue with you all I said was state where you are getting your pics. I have tons of pics of my dogs working. I can send you some, you seem to really like my pics. Take Care and happy hunting.
[ 2011-04-19 ] :: Kolo
I don't know anything about this site besides that it has very good info, but... Mr California Catchers you can\'t really say anything cuz many photo\'s on your site are also not from yourself.
[ 2011-01-16 ] :: calicatchers
Thanks for getting what these dogs are all about. I see pics from my site here..why not just ask, i would of probably sent them to you. or you could at least say where you got the pics from or who the dogs belong to...California Catchers