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   Banter Bulldog  

Banter Bulldog / Banter Bulldogge The Banter Bulldog is a recreation of the Brabanter Bullenbeiser. Banter Bulldogges appear to the eye as a cross between the Boxer and the American Pitbull Terrier, both breeds are well-used in the breeding of the Banter Bulldogge, however the Boxer influence appears stronger present (both in genotype and phenotype).

   Boston Terrier  

Boston Terrier / Boston Bull The Boston Terrier (or Boston Bull Terrier) is a small sized, short coated, muscular dog that was developed in Boston, Massachusetts, in the United States. A small sized toy Bull and Terrier type family dog.

   Olde Boston Bulldogge  

Olde Boston Bulldogge / Old Boston Terrier The Olde Boston Bulldogge or just Old Boston Bulldog aka Old Boston Terrier is the original "round-headed" Bull and Terrier of the Boston area, Massachusetts. The Olde Boston Bulldogge was extinct and is recreated as a working Bulldog and function should come before form.

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