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   Alaunt Non-Bulldog: Alaunt Gentil and Alaunt Veantre  

Alaunt Non-Bulldog: Alaunt Gentil and Alaunt Veantre / Alaunt Gentil / Alaunt Veantre The Non-Bulldog type Alaunt, known from the types of Alaunt Gentil and Alaunt Veantre (Vautre) represents a dog that has a bit of sight hound in it with maybe a bit of Mastiff. Alaunt Gentil should not be confused with the "heavier" catch dog type of Alaunt/Mastiff used to go in at the kill (Alaunt Veantre do (attempt) do this if not assisted in time). The Alaunt Gentil should be not unlike a heavy built greyhound with a strong head, broad medium lengthed muzzle. These running Mastiffs are tall, rangey, but strong "par force" hounds. Alaunt Gentil should be athletic, well muscled, with thick tight fitting coats with the ability to follow scent as well as using sight, they should have lots of drive. They are of a type, being bred for form and function and purpose not bred for looks.

   Bull Terrier (Hinks)  

Bull Terrier (Hinks) / Hinks Bull Terrier The Original Bull Terrier, "officially" known as the English Bull Terrier or amongst the in-crowd as the Hink's Bull Terrier ((close to) extint and replaced with show variants; new life has been injected by recreations), is a medium sized, short-haired, muscular breed developed in England. Visually the Hink's Bull Terrier resembles a cross-breeding of on one side the show English Bull Terrier and on the other side the orginal Bull & Terrier, American Pitbull Terrier, original Staffordshire Bull Terrier or a Irish Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

   Olde Boston Bulldogge  

Olde Boston Bulldogge / Old Boston Terrier The Olde Boston Bulldogge or just Old Boston Bulldog aka Old Boston Terrier is the original "round-headed" Bull and Terrier of the Boston area, Massachusetts. The Olde Boston Bulldogge was extinct and is recreated as a working Bulldog and function should come before form.

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